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プロフィール 大森せい子

盛岡市生まれ。  広告、雑誌、書籍などで活動中。


「ILLUSTRATION NOW」(ドイツ・TASCHEN)に作品掲載 「MONDOFRAGILE 2」(イタリア)に作品掲載 「NEW FASHION ILLUSTRATION」(イギリス)に作品掲載 ヨーロッパの美術書籍に選出され、作品複数掲載。


「DESIGN 360°」(香港)に作品掲載。 ブラジル他、中米とパリで香水の広告展開など、近年は海外からの仕事も多い。 品性、可愛らしさ、うちに秘めた強さ、静謐さ、などを含んだ 女性像を制作している。



賞  歴

1992年 JACA(日本芸術振興協会)特別賞 年鑑日本のイラストレーション入選 1992年 ART BOX大賞展 ART BOX賞 2000年 3dimensional and Digital Illustrators Awards(USA)銅賞2点 2001年 東京イラストレーターズソサエティ 一般公募入選


Ohmori Seiko

She was awarded bronze prize for both 3D and Digital category at Illustration Awards (2000) in the US and also received many other prizes in Japan. Seven private exhibitions were held during her career and yet she is still exploring the world as an artist. Most of her works are used for advertisement for department stores, PR magazines, books and CD jackets and etc. As you can find, her works are strongly focused on female. Some people might wonder “Why?” but the answer is very simple. “I was born as a woman.” says Seiko. It seems that this isn’t answering any of the “questions” However, there is a clue. People are very naive about their own environment and finding out about your own enviroment is very important to know your self. Recent appearance


Illustration Now 2007 Calendar / Diary (Germany ,Taschen) Mondofragile 2 / Fashion Illustrators from Japan(Italy) NEW FASHION ILLUSTRATION / Martin Dawber(England)


DESIGN 360°(Hongkong)
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